Vendor Vocabulary

“Cae-rett, koli-phlaver, inji, takkalli, penis!” went the hawker.

Carrots, cauliflower, ginger, tomatoes and… penis!

Housewives leaned out their windows enquiringly… while I craned my neck to spot the hawker in the milling crowd. There was only his voice, ringing loud and hearty.

Penis? He hawks penis? I was stumped for a moment.

And then he came into view, his pushcart, piled high with “Cae-rett, koli-phlaver, inji, takkalli, penis!”

There on a corner of his cart was a neat little mound of beans!


Yeshwant Miranda said...

Ha ha ha......too cool machi! By the way what about the trek ...u cmin! Plz do come, Rabs will be out of station. I have called sriram as well. If you come he says he will. Plz cal me!

Instinctive Traveller said...

machii, i did mail you saying i wouldn't be able to make it. :( read my mail doodie. but i will call you...