Rx Happiness

Imagine that happiness were a pill that you could buy over the counter at any drug store. Would you want such a thing? To help you along with your decision here’s what it could lead to.

You are in a bit of bad luck. Everything you do is a trip up. Nothing’s working right. And then you hear that there’s every possibility of you getting laid off because your concern is going through a particularly rough patch. That isn’t a bit of bad luck, is it? It’s now a whole shit load of it and you can’t take it any more.

So you go up to the drug store and buy yourself a strip of the glee pill, intending to use it in appropriate dosages the next day when you’d receive the dreadful news.

Morning comes and as feared, you get e-mail announcing doom. (Are these things announced by e-mail?) But you’re prepared. You’ve taken the glee pill and you’re all cheerfulness. Tra-la-la-la! You go around consoling people who would be joining you out the door to hit the streets in search of alternate employment.

The following fortnight, you bump into one of the people you had consoled and find that he’s back in your previous concern that’s had a dramatic change in fortunes. They’d called everyone back! Everyone but you.

He also informs you, sympathetically, that the management thought that you were much too smug perhaps because you had your own source of income apart from the one you were drawing. Kaput! “That’s not fair!

You feel gloom all over and reach for your glee pill. Would you fling it as far away as you can or would you overdose?


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you would! :)