Gate Man Diversions II

Hrump!” you snicker to yourself while you flash a brilliant smile at Miss Haughty High Heels as she sails past you to an inaudible cha-cha. She hardly notices you. You’re a gate man after all.

Hrump! I wouldn’t want any of that even if it were from the Salvation Army” you decide with your eyes still on the receding figure. “But damn, that looked good” you concede longingly nevertheless. “Maybe…”

You don’t get to complete your “maybe” because there stuck at the gate and honking in desperation is that “fruitcake who dreads the reverse gear”. His back bumpers stand silent testimony to his backup skills.

Today he’s managed to jam himself at the gate, between the gatepost and another car.

The man’s brilliant. Maybe he wakes up thinking – ok today’s the day I must jam the gate – or maybe…”

Again you don’t get to complete your “maybe” because there behind Gate Jam, like a dream, is Swapna, “my Swapna” on her scooter, looking confused and a little annoyed.

Oh! You simply had to rescue her. But wait. Why was Gate Jam suddenly all macho and… why was he getting out of the car and… what! He’s throwing you the car keys while throwing a quick smile in the other direction. “Smart ass! Like I am his parking assistant.”

But then you simply had to rescue “my Swapna”…

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