Anger Management

Imagine you’re a cat. What would you do if you were annoyed? Meow. Meow. Meow. Flip tail. Whack out a paw at an imaginary fly. Meow…

Ok, now that would be boring to just go 'meow'. That’s not anger management at all. How infinitely better it would be to just swear and cuss. It’s so much healthier for the system.

Now don’t ask me what system. The digestive, I suppose or the reproductive, if you will. I suppose it’s the latter, otherwise you’d be making hate instead of love and bringing forth gargoyles as if the present lot weren’t enough. (I hope no politician heard that). But that’s another debate. We were on to cuss words, weren’t we?

Just the wide selection and absolute artistry of swearwords would make you drool if you were a dumb cat contemplating the blessings of mankind, while you worry at not having enough vocabulary to let off steam.

To begin with, there’s the f*** word that you can throw about plain vanilla style or in combination. The combos are actually more delicious.

Can you list all the possible combinations? Let's see what you can cook up. I promise I'll publish it here and put your name to it. Meanwhile here’s a link you might want to check out for the history of swearing. Rather bland, if you ask me. But there’s your pedigree.

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