Cart Attack

"Like we told you already sir, we're terribly sorry, but we can't help..."

Omigawd! That was too close a notice for comfort. Your logistics people just called you up to say you wouldn't be provided with the transportation they had promised. And to think you'd counted on them! You're fuming, if you can help it, but you're actually ready to pass out.

And then he steps in to save the situation. He who had been waiting in the sidelines, eavesdropping. Well, you hold on to the chappie like a drowning man would hold on to straw.

He promises to deliver, gives you his number and hurries away. You're sceptical. What if… But to your immediate relief, he rushes back again to confirm your address and tells you that he'll take payment on delivery.

You're assured now. So you go about giving finishing touches to the props that you need to cart to the exhibition next morning. It's supposed to be your dream project, one that will elevate you several notches in your career. You can already feel the adulation.

Next morning your man arrives on the dot. But where was the truck he promised he'd bring along? Why did he arrive on a rickety scooter instead? Perhaps he came ahead to settle accounts. You take one last look around to make sure you've lined up everything for transportation.

As you turn around, you see the man hurrying to you with a big assuring grin on his face. He halts abruptly, pulls out a shoebox from behind his back and proudly opens it, revealing… a beautiful mock up of a truck!

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