What They Don't Teach You In Retail Management

Kumar yawned as he carefully bookmarked the page of the economics text book he was reading. It was rather late at night. But then there was this beastly test he had to prepare himself for. Yawn!

Two hours later, a sneeky rat was surprised to find company. He was just sniffing around a huge gunny sack of rice when... ugh, what was that? Someone was coming. He scurried round the sack he was scouting, into a corner, and peered out.

Sleepy footsteps approached the sack he was hiding behind and before he could draw breath, he heard ... no it wasn't ... yet it was ... the muffled sound of water!

Kumar's grandfather was the first to suspect something fishy, the next morning. On close inspection of the sack of rice, he smelt... no it wasn't ... yet it was ...

"Yooreen! Siva! Siva!"

His sleep walking grandson deserved a through spanking, right now "for making yooreen in retail rice bag again".

But not before the bag of rice was washed and put out in the sun to dry. Oh no, he couldn't afford to discard another sack. That would be the second this week.

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