Armageddon on a Shoestring

They downed the Twin Towers without elaborate planning.

Daft. I know. But that's the way it sounds, when we hear testimony from one of the terrorists who claim Operation 9/11 was planned by primitive means. Meaning there was no elaborate administrative machinery. There wasn't even one to pass off as rudimentary in the modern context. And yet the buildings came crashing down. Mission accomplished.

The desert people are simple, we're told. People who can tell the weather by studying the elements. People who are more nomadic than the nomads, with finely tuned senses. Yet without an arrogant sense of permanence, absolutes, or disillusions of immortality. They worship at the alter of Simplicity.

Thus they learnt to tell the time of day from the sun and the distance from the stars. By and by they learnt to run a terrorist organisation, with just sneezes and winks. So while the Americans were all eyes on the doors, the thief entered through the chimney, and BOOM!

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