Make-it-yourself Vocabulary

The whole affair was a façade, a smokescreen to prolong his stay in office and lessen the accruing damage. But Nixon was only getting deeper into the dirt he’d gotten himself into and by God, did it smell to the high heavens!

Florentyna followed the charade closely thinking: “What a sham!”

There was a knock on the door.

I book marked the page I was reading, before tossing it on bed, thinking to myself: “What a sham…” as I opened the door.

“You have sham,” asked pasty face next door, looking a little embarrassed.

Oh crap! What did I get myself into while I was reading a book, I wondered as pasty faced repeated

“You have sham…”

And then I thought I heard an emphasis on the ‘P’. As in s-h-a-m-p.

Pasty face had come to borrow my shampoo again. And he’d always called it ‘shamp’ never shampoo.

Very economic with vocabulary too, not just with buying himself a bottle of ‘shamp’.

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