No. Yes! NO!

One cigarette 'could make you a smoker in later life'
- Daily Mail UK

A single puff can hook you for life
- Times of India, India

One cigarette can hook you for life
- CNN-IBN, India

One cigarette 'means three-year cravings'
-, UK

Kids Who Smoked Still Crave Fags 3 Years On
- Life Style Extra, UK

Just one cigarette as a child is enough to spark teen addiction
- Scotsman, UK

One ciggie hooks kids
- The Sun, UK

Even One Cigarette Can Turn Non-Smokers To Smokers
- All Headline News, UK

Trying a cigarette for fun? Beware!
-, NY

All those headlines for a study that concludes children who try just one cigarette are twice as likely as those who have never tried it, to take up smoking. The study, funded by Cancer Research UK, found that this was the case even after a gap of three years or more.

The 2,000-pupil study, in Tobacco Control, is the first to find a smoking 'sleeper effect' - where desire remains years after the first puff.


Will someone tell them cigarettes are like sex. You try it on sometime. You really do. All because it is taboo. And the more you hammer in that it’s taboo, the more intriguing it becomes. Sin is always delicious. Ask Eve. Instead, why not demystify cigarettes or at least have fakes with the appropriate aura.

Perhaps I've put it rather abruptly, or perhaps I'm on my hot air trip again, but don't you think it’s all about aura? Or is that another subject for intense research? (Oh! I'm lovin' it...)

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