Tip or Tax?

Apparently America doesn’t eat out as much as the rest of us do because they're terrified of the frightening tips they would have to leave behind.

Oh! Was I abrupt as usual? This morning’s newspaper had a rather longish story or rather a longish ‘vent’ by a British lady about tipping in America.

Her husband, on a business trip to America, had been out to dinner at a respectable establishment with a couple of friends and picked the check of $600. He thought he’d left behind an appropriate tip. But he was in for a rude shock when the maitre ‘de himself chased him across the street, with all the melodrama that such shameful behavior accompanies, asking him pointedly:

I hope everything was to your satisfaction, sir”, letting the sentence trail…

The husband in question who had used his credit card was quick on the uptake and quietly accompanied the maitre ‘de back to the restaurant where he signed another $50 as tip.

What would you have done?

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