Casino: Royale Indeed!

I guess we were all wrong about the choice of 007. This one seems to be as lethal as they come. I must admit I haven't seen it yet, what with it being released just yesterday and it being a hectic workday.

But reliable word of mouth is that Casino Royale is a real spectacle. Bond seems to have gone a whole league away from stereotype. I must see this movie, if only to prove a point to that loud little voice in me.


Gallivanter said...

It's a cracking movie! James Bond rebooted. Finally, a departure from pansiness that has blighted previous Bond flicks.

Hiren said...

I read yesterday that Hritik Roshan was considered for the role. I think he would have been a better bet.

Instinctive Traveller said...

galli: that's exactly what i headr from friends who'd seen the movie last night

hiren: you're forgetting that bond is english. i'm not sure hritik would do justice more so because he's mighty young for a 007. do you think? : )