Murals You’ll Want For Your Walls

Please, please do forgive me for the horrible lighting in the photograph. A Canon A240 forgets it's a camera, when in dull light.

I know I do injustice to the mural in the picture and to the artist. Sandhya has just completed her very first mural. And lookee! She’s framed it too. That's a stunner for a first. But then she's no novice.

She's been painting since she was a child. Oh, and she paints t-shirts too. I mean she used to paint on them - the most amusing designs that were a hit with children and the college crowd. She's held her own exhibitions at Vimonisha too. And after all that she's attending mural school now, if that's what the place is called. And that there, is the result. Tada!

You could mail her at Now don't get ideas. She'll only entertain fan mail.

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