Drool The Apple

Reverence is what I feel each time I see an apple product. That includes their website. Clean. Aseptic, even. Crisp. Friendly. And so design-oriented. I'm not getting into what makes them iconic. That's there for you to see. But perhaps you'd like to go to this website and drool.

Ahem! There's a line on the header of this website that goes "The picture of the fictitious Apple product was made". Leaves you in some doubt. But then you don't have to pay to drool.


Debashish Neyog said...

hey maan sorry for the previous comment...wasn't meant to be rude. wat i meant to say was...why u keep saying if you knew me?
i started with youthcurry...and got here...that hindi thing got me attention.

Instinctive Traveller said...

debashish: knew you? i said if only i knew what u meant by your hindi twister. refer your last comment. : )

debashish said...

Well i was thinking you were carrying your Q from the hindi translation one.
Either ways, what I said means You dig a mountain to find a rat. You can check it ;) in online translation sites.