Twitter - How I Made 20 'Followers' in a Day Without 'Following' Anyone

You gotta love Twitter. Helps you connect in a whole different way. I've even won a contest on Twitter. Actually it was a mug from ChannelV.

Though I've been on Twitter only a while now, I guess I'm getting the hang of things. Disillusion me if I'm merely on a trip here.

So here goes. This is how I made 20 followers in a single day, without following anyone. If you do the math - even at an average of, say, 10 followers a day - these numbers are pretty good. (But you stand the risk of loosing some followers you already have if you tweet way too much or your tweets are all 'blah'.)

1. Make your tweets shorter than the stipulated 140 characters.

2. Make your tweets interesting, educating, laugh-worthy, anything but about personal things like you are picking your nose or considering going out for dinner. No one is interested, believe me, unless you are President Obama.

3. Hash tag keywords in your tweets. For instance, if you are tweeting about Google, hash tag Google as '#Google'. Hash tags help you come up in searches on Twitter.

4. Tweet on any of the 'Trending Topics' you find on the right navigation bar of your Twitter page.

5. Retweet interesting tweets of others.

6. Retweet your own tweets (only the most interesting ones) at 24 hour intervals, for a maximum of three times. Guy Kawasaki says even four times is fine.

I guess that's it. Worked for me. I don't see why it shouldn't for you. But if anyone disagrees, please feel free to bombard me. Otherwise follow me on Twitter.


Karthik said...

Nice one Rajesh

Instinctive Traveller said...

Thanks Karthik. : )

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