First Tea!

A lot many things brew in Tea Rooms. Some savoury and some bitter. Yet some others, bitter sweet. What’s that I smell now? Ah! I smell a new blog. Perhaps it will be one that will see a lot of steam rising. “Now was that a pun?” you’d ask. Frankly, I don’t know. But I’m excited just as well.

Excited because I can post just about anything here. Excited because ‘just about anything’ means that I can post almost every day on any topic I fancy. I promise myself just one thing. That I’ll not write in here merely to ‘write in here’. That brings me to the next question. Whom will I be writing for? Ugh! I haven’t thought that one out.

What if… no what happens when I just write for myself? Sounds good enough to me. I’ll do that and see if I pick up an audience in the process. Wasn’t there something the Beetle’s said about staying true to your style? I think I’ll follow their advice.

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