So Much Hot Air

Is the elusive Osama responsible for global warming? There! I’ve perpetuated a rumour that’s, shall we say, audacious, or is it? Now let me tell you how my deviant mind came to this conclusion.

Global warming that has purportedly caused quantum shifts in climatic patterns, so much so that we are being battered by hurricanes and thunder storms at that time of year when none previously existed, is alleged to be the by product of carbon in the air. Yep! Carbon. (Isn’t that what we exhale?)

Theory states that this warming is due to the burning of fossil fuels and deforestation. It has been observed that temperatures may (may?) increase by 1.4 °C to 5.8 °C between 1990 and 2100 giving way to climatic changes that may (may?) increase floods, droughts, heat waves and hurricanes.

And finally, here’s the disclaimer. In spite of all the theorising, it is very difficult to connect any particular event to global warming. Now, I didn't say that. The experts did.

So burning fossil fuels – petroleum, causes global warming. There’s something I fail to understand. The US has forever wanted to control the vast reserves of this fossil fuel. The Gulf Wars were fought for this sole purpose. What do they gain by controlling something that brings them nothing but misery? Hurricanes have battered the US coast for the good part of this year. If you go by theory, it’s the warming to blame. Rather, the petroleum to blame. And they want to control it?

Petroleum makes the world go round. It’s only natural that the US want their finger, nee greedy fist in this pie. And when they don’t get it, they do the next best thing. They make the object of their desire the villain of mankind with the view to prompt cutting down dependence on it and the search for alternatives.

Sounds excellent. Except that the disclaimer I mentioned above, comes in the way. Reminds me of the coffee-is-good, coffee-is-bad debate that is still on. Ever so often you see research findings supporting either side of the divide. Osama sure must be laughing over his morning coffee every day.

It’s the petro-dollars in his overflowing coffers that fuelled his notorious ambitions. And it still continues to do because we are nowhere near finding an alternate fuel source. Something that would not belch carbon into the atmosphere and cause warming and thereby hurricanes. Something that would not keep filling the Osama's coffers and cause wars at the drop of a hat. (Did I sound convincing? Do I have a future as a rumour monger?)

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