Being The Almighty – II

Oh you’ll certainly need the hide of a hearty rhinoceros if you were God. And the humour of one, which is none at all.

Imagine all those hush-hush, yucky-mucky things we do in the dark. Now, don’t glare at me! You’re face doesn’t look nice. And don’t ask me to speak for myself. That wouldn’t be kind. But just imagine a trillion people whom you created coming out of their closets in the cover of darkness or solitude, smug that they are by themselves, to indulge in their secret pleasures.

And you as God having to watch it all, without batting an eyelid and still being able to forgive, forget, keep a straight face and not burst out laughing, having to go to the bathroom or passing out cold. If this weren’t enough you’ll have to answer a trillion prayers without prejudice, after all what you’ve seen.

Being The Almighty isn’t a very pleasant prospect, is it? I wouldn’t want to be one for all the world. How about you?

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