The Cape

If you didn't know it, the Swami Vivekanand temple at Kanyakumari was built by local labourers, who did not have any formal training in architecture or construction. That statue you see close by is the 133 feet high statue of Valluvar, a third century Tamil poet.

There are more photographs at TrekEarth. These here, were taken by a cousin of mine. And he doesn't yet know I've put them up here. Now, don't call me names...

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Sensorcaine said...

everytime I look at that photograph, it gives me an uneasy feeling. Nope, not flatulence, but I baulk at the insolence of the politicians who speedily built up the 'valluvar silai' right next to the Vivekanada rock memorial- and made it to dwarf the structure.
There's no sense of scale, unlike the VRM there's no sense of purpose, and there's definitely no feeling of reverence that any statue of valuvar ought to command
...and your cousin called. Last seen threatening to shoot you... on film, on film!