Thief! Thief! Or may be not…

Do you remember your first sunset? I don’t. I remember those many occasions when I’ve wanted to capture one on film, though. And I haven’t as yet. So I find consolation (if that’s the word for this occasion) in one taken by my cousin, again. This one was clicked at Kanyakumari. Good one, isn’t it?

Having said that, I suddenly feel uneasy, not unlike the feeling you get when you peep into windows and see things you shouldn’t have. What’s that word I’m looking for? Never mind. But I was wondering whether I’m making a habit of stealing. That sounded rather harsh. Shall I correct that to pinching? (Still sounds awful)

Someone pinched my Dan Brown the other day. Earlier someone got away with my favourite pair of jean. Ah! And my photographs too. Someone has always pinched them. And I was mad all those times.

Going by that ticket, I suppose my cousin will be furious, do you think? Perhaps I’ll tell him that I’ve published him in my blog. Splendid! That sounds rather respectable. Now, that doesn’t sound like stealing. More like an obligation, thank you. I’m feeling better already. (Shhh! That’s not deviant thinking, ok? Shhh!)


Yeshwant said...

Dudeeeeeee now you dont have to indirectly tell me that I have one of your jeans in my room! Will give it to you next time I come to Chennai, ok!

Instinctive Traveller said...

dudee, that was a pair of cargoes i left behind in your place. i really did loose a pair of jeans. :)