Planet Pancake

I remember my geography lessons. But... This composite image shows what the Earth looks like at night. If you notice, city lights highlight developed areas of the planet. And like always, it's a NASA image.

Ugh... wait a minute. Weren't we told that the earth is round? I'm daft see, but WHY is this picture flat? Like the Earth is one big pancake that would trickle treacle if you over do the treacle?

Never mind. However, would you judge this as one of the best photographs of 2005? (Psst! It is!)


vidhu said...

yeah one of the best images of 2005 no doubt bout th...jus a lil info is a series of images been stitched togetha to make it luk seamless!!

Yeshwant said...

Adding to what Vidhu said, this photograph is a sure top for the best photograph of 2005, mainly becos, its a image which shows the whole world at night at one instance. If you see thats not logically happening, becos as we all know one half of the earth is day and the other half is night at any given point of time. So the person who has shot it has taken time in shooting each part of the globe and worked on a composite. That explains the technical brilliance of this photo, considering the photographer had to keep in mind the lighting and the contrast throughout.

But yaaa ... going by an aesthetic angle, this photograph is far behind expectations!

Instinctive Traveller said...

ah! dumb ass that i am. vidhu, you r bang on - series of images, now why didn't i think of that one? and yesh, u r very perceptive, like a prophet. (r u one?) i just got the operative word - composite - series of images. now that rings a bell. but does that make a photograph! the world is changing doodies!

Yeshwant said...

that's true, 'does that make a photograph!'

Where is the eye for creativity, and life in the photograph? Where are emotions and ideas being stirred?

Seems to be like i am sounding to be prophet or something for real! ... lol

Instinctive Traveller said...

hail prophet yesh! shalom!