Juju of Success

Bet this is off your radar. Or maybe you could give it a try. Guess the motto that has fuelled enterprises, and its entrails, across our motherland.

Ok, save the hemming and hawing for the spouse. The motto is 'follow the leader'. Never mind if the ‘leader’ is myopic and doesn't know his knee from his elbow. He's rich; he's famous, so let's do a repeat, of what he did. Maybe we could steal his undergarments; maybe that's where the juju is. You know the juju that's responsible for his success.

And we'll copy his idea. We'll follow him into the lucrative matchbox business too. Hrump! Who's he trying to show off to? He calls his match CATS? And he has two black panthers as his mascot? Umm. Panthers, now that must be another juju. We'll have panthers too. But we'll call ours PUPPYS. That way no one would dare say we copied him.

Besides PUPPYS always beat CATS. That's one juju more than he has.

To us!


Your Fearless Leader said...

well, it seems as if you are pinting and laughing at me... better visit some of my sites while ur at it... lol

Instinctive Traveller said...

i did fearless, only your vent blog didn't open. :)