Rang De Chintamani

Regular readers… (that felt good saying ‘regular readers’, I felt like I’m Reuters, though I’ll be the first one to confide in private that I am the only regular reader here. But grant me the act.)

Regular readers will recall that I started this blog with rumours. Here’s another I’d like to perpetuate. It helps my digestive system, see?

You must have read the other day that the Indian Air Force has finally bid adieu to MIG 21s. Now, don’t you find it a strange coincidence that Bollywood had recently painted a grim picture of the incessant and inexplicable crashes of MIG 21s? Would that have been the last straw, the decider, that tilted the scales in favour of discarding the fighter craft?

I don’t know… maybe it’s only my ‘chinta’ running wild. But maybe...

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