Gate Man Diversions III

Aandavane! This better be quick”, you warn yourself as you rush with the car keys to undo the snarl-up so cleverly created by Gate Jam.

And you ask yourself again “What am I you stupid man… your damn parking valet? What do you mean by throwing me your damn car keys after you’ve jammed the gate?

But you manage to look outwardly cool, even when Gate Jam passes you by with his nose in the air, only because your Swapna must see you as her rescuer. Like in the movies.

Poor thing. She’d been waiting on the other side of the ‘jam’ for a bit now, perched delicately on her scooter, a little anxious perhaps…

So you jump into Gate Jam’s car (“damned two-bit tin box”), parked to perfection to effectively discourage entry or exit and manage to clear the jam, letting Swapna glide in.

She smiles her thanks. “She smiled! She smiled!” Your little gateman’s heart sings.

You almost look forward to another jam the next day. Well, if you can have a flash of that smile again… “Oui ma! I sure would like one of those again.” Your eyes are almost glazed over. And then through the pleasant haze you see Madame Smirk walk in with her sneer-that-passes-off-for-a-smile, arranged neatly in place.

Ugh! No one would launch a thousand ships for her” you tell yourself with a shudder. “No one would unlock a jam for her. They'd rather let her remain on the other side of the jam…” What a screaming contrast! If Swapna was the warm sunshine, this one was the nasty brooding cloud.

Maybe she’s a ‘he’ in disguise. What a drag!” you sniff as you laboriously fix your official smile, trying mightily not to mimic her smirk.


Sensorcaine said...

Bloom! ewe have blossomed. the gate man cometh!!!!!(my word verification says 'couyq'. go fig-er)

Instinctive Traveller said...

ayyo! it meen waat blossomme? i not having ur eye-queue, so how i knowings? u pliss tellings no...