Taj Mahal

Like I need to be reminded that the Taj Mahal is really, really a wonder, see? So I must thank this nice man who thought up this whole New Seven Wonders thing.

Where's the Taj anyways? Is this the Trump Taj? No. No. No. I remember now, this must be the one in Agra. The one that's all marble and moonshine.

Didn't this cool chap called Shah Jahan build it like for his girl, no his wife? That must have cost him a packet to build this frikin' massive marble palace. And for someone dead? Way too cool man. I mean, I wouldn't do that if I were this Shah chappie myself. The logistics would kill me. I don't think that big see? I'm this little man who thinks everyday little things.

I'll like maybe mourn. No, I guess I'd really mourn. Feel sorry and all that. I guess it comes with all this death and stuff. But then I'd just go on. I wouldn't bother with building her a Taj! Not if it's going to take me twenty-two whole years to finish it using about twenty thousand people! Jeez! And if the material, all the marble and stuff, has to be brought in from all over India and central Asia on a fleet of thousand elephants. Scary shit man! No joke.

This Shah chappie sure is made of stern stuff. And so's the Taj Mahal. It will always be a wonder to me even if it's off some random list.

Photo courtesy the Keeton Reference Collection.


Anonymous said...

I agree !! but then just the idea of building something for someone special is so romantic.....but i would rather prefer if the person built it for me when i was alive so that i could enjoy it.. rather than look at it from my grave :)

Instinctive Traveller said...

princess! princess! i'll build you a... a... ugh... what do i build you? or have you told subbu already?

Sense said...

Bloom! all the new list proves is that there are far too many Indians with far too much net access and a shit-load of free time!

Instinctive Traveller said...

blossomes! ais. ais. many indians. many free times. nice no?